Robyn Butler

Apples & Pears

Branding, brand strategy, photography, brand book and applications.

The YouthLink Network were a two year old, charity in East London. This was an opportunity to more clearly communicate their purpose and their ambition. A name update; they are now Apples & Pears—cockney rhyming slang for ‘up the stairs’.

Apples & Pears is not just about better futures; it’s about different futures. It’s about inspiration and giving our children real choices.

The new brand, tone of voice and name are vibrant and crisp, working well for different target groups, Donors, volunteers and the Apples & Pears community.

Purpose and copy developed in collaboration with the Apple & Pears board and PR team from Hill & Knowlton.

Documentary style pictures of the outings highlighting the children’s colourful clothes and showing London’s context. A school group drew a series of faces onto the Apples & Pears in a workshop. You couldn’t pay for a better illustration style. Apples & Pears launched the new brand at a fundraising event at London Fields Brewery.